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I find many students are interested in working on topics related to Internet of Things, Machine Learning/AI.

Elsewhere in this website I have shared some interesting information related to project and resources for it. Here is information on a popular platform, Arduino, that you can use to build many interesting projects – simple to complex.

Ardunio is an electronics board with a micro-controller that accepts input from various devices, e.g. sensors and sends instruction for actuation of others, e.g. starting a pump. It comes with its own software IDE that you can use to build logic. Ardunio is a family of products – some with wireless and Ethernet interface, widening the scope of project areas. The site in its option of “Project Hubs” has also shared many project ideas.

Try it and enjoy.



With concern increasing on safety of kids in mind of parents and school authorities, let us look at some enhancements to School Bus Operation System.

  1. Monitoring kids’ entry and exit from a bus.
    • Assume each kid has a RFID based school Id card.
    • There is a RFID- reader installed at the door(s) of school bus. This enables to  record entry and exit movement of a kid in a bus.
    • RFID reader is wi-fi enabled for data  transmission to our application server.
    • Hence, we can enhance application to send sms to parents whenever their kids enter and exit school bus.
  2. School Admin can now get
    • a list of students in bus at any time
    • find if a kid got out at designated drop point or not. There can be alarm sms in case of deviation.
    • information on all those who boarded vs. attendance in class.

Now your jobs, students, is

  • what additional attributes will be stored
  • do we have wi-fi enabled RFID reader for transmission of movement data
  • when a bus starts from a school for dropping, many kids have habit of jumping out and coming back a number of times till bus starts. What impact it has on sending sms to parents, how can we remove nuisance movement records?

I find AI being “talk of the day” many students want to work on AI related projects. Here are some freely available framework / libraries that one can use.

  1. TensorFlow ( – an open source software library for machine intelligence projects
  2. Torch ( – supports machine learning algorithms. You may have to learn a new scripting language LuaJIT.

Torch has a large collection of packages in machine learning, computer vision, parallel processing, networking, etc.

Both the sites have provided enough community driven information for beginners to get going.

Please explore and give flip to your career.

I have just added a page, titled Group Project 10: Website Globalization / Localization. It is  a very relevant and useful exercise. Here is the  landing page of the Louvre Museum with a drop down menu to show languages in which content of the website can be seen.

Question is how do we display same content with images in different languages. What is the most appropriate data structure for it?

I am sure you will enjoy design and development of a sample page to appreciate the internal working.

In order to attract readers beyond  English domain, companies are presenting their website in other popular languages also. After all English is spoken by only about 20% of world population. One of the ways to do  is to call Google Translate service (thru its API) and present translation in desired language.

Here is an image of home page of Las Vegas Strip – most visited place. Its web pages can be viewed in many languages (see highlighted box) by selecting language from the world icon. Pages in desired language are displayed using Google Translate service.

Can you create a simple web page and then call Translate API to show page in different language. Do not forget to create an icon for language selection.

In this process you will learn a very useful feature of web design.

I have added some more information on what is normally required for launching a system for real life use.

I had raised a question related to module 3 (Installation module) – how do we capture details of fixing of a number plate?

Simple answer will be just enter date and time of installation when plate is fixed on the vehicle. Disregarding the error that can creep in entry of these two data, there is a bigger concern – was plate really fixed?

Hence, it is essential to also capture photo of a car with HSR plate fixed on it and store in database. Picture will be a proof of HSR plate fixed on a particular model of a car that can later be verified, if needed. Remember HSR plate cannot be removed from a vehicle  without breaking it.


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