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Here is an example of Chat Box used in a popular application Skype. As I mentioned this (Chat Box) is a common application tool and you will find it built-in in many applications.

Example from Skype

Example from Skype


I recently bought an Exide battery for my car.  The warranty booklet suggests that buyer should register battery details online on

I was surprised to see similarity of purpose of this application with the aim of project work. Some of you should explore the Exide website to understand importance of Group Project – 1.

Battery Warranty Registration

Battery Warranty Registration


Dr Mehta


I have just added some design aspects of a Chat Box. It looks simple but it is not that simple to design and develop. However, it is not a large software development work.

It should be packaged and made available with APIs for integration in any main online application.

Hi students,

I have added a new page on Open Source software that you may find useful. As you would see from this list, we have Open source s/w alternative for most of our needs/applications.

If you have interest to work on Open source s/w projects, visit Google site

Dr Mehta



I have updated the page on Group Projects to share my thoughts on how members of a group should divide project work among themselves and what approach they should follow.

Suggest all those who are attempting working as a group project should read this page for effective learning.

ACM holds International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM-ICPC) every year. Results of 2013 contest are now available.

As happened last year, top 10 positions are dominated by Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Polish universities. Where is India in this list? Where are US universities?

Carnegie Mellon Univ -> 11 th

MIT / Stanford Univ -> 14th

IIT Roorkee -> 60th

IIT Bombay, Indore & IIIT Hyderabad -> find place in “honorable mention”

Happy to see four Indian institutions appearing in the list first time.

I have created a page on the site to provide background details of another project from the academic environment – an environment very familiar to college students and faculty.

This system  really benefits from web-based environment and is a good example of decision support system.  Those who enjoy algorithm  design have opportunity to create  a suitable  heuristic for planning phase.


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