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Computer Science field is a very interesting and fast changing fields. We are see new hardware architecture with enhanced capabilities. This is driving innovation in software. There are many areas where alternatives are being attempted.

I have created a new page to list down some of those for students who are looking for Exciting Project Ideas to work on.

Take a look.

I have shared contours of railway berth allocation problem in my previous post. I mentioned that it requires thinking of some heuristic to implement the solution on computer. You may devise many and select the better one that meets the acceptance criteria.

Why not use pictorial representation as happens in airlines / bus / movies seat reservation and leave berth selection to passengers?

Points to think:

– How can we have pictorial representation of berths in a coach? All berths are not in same plane.

– If we give freedom to passengers to select seats from available ones, how do we meet goal of railways to give lower berths to seniors as far as possible?

– Is it advisable to allow this kind of user interface?

Think, Think, Think!




Most commercial systems have simple business logic – easy to specify in well defines steps, even though these may appear complex in some cases for example, in applying discounts based on category, day, etc. However, in some applications, there are parts with ambiguous rules. If we want to computerize those parts, it is a challenge, for a designer and developer, to properly represent logic, devise suitable data structure and code.   We have such situations in
– Railway reservation – allotment of berths
– Timetable preparation – teaching and examination subject scheduling
– Logistics – preparing pickup and drop route of vehicles
– Etc.

I have defined  a group project (No. 6) on developing a heuristic and improving those by devising alternate rules.  Application scenario is all-familiar  berth allotment in railway reservation system.

Please see details in the page on Group Project 6 and enjoy attempting it.

Here is an example of Chat Box used in a popular application Skype. As I mentioned this (Chat Box) is a common application tool and you will find it built-in in many applications.

Example from Skype

Example from Skype


I recently bought an Exide battery for my car.  The warranty booklet suggests that buyer should register battery details online on

I was surprised to see similarity of purpose of this application with the aim of project work. Some of you should explore the Exide website to understand importance of Group Project – 1.

Battery Warranty Registration

Battery Warranty Registration


Dr Mehta


I have just added some design aspects of a Chat Box. It looks simple but it is not that simple to design and develop. However, it is not a large software development work.

It should be packaged and made available with APIs for integration in any main online application.

Hi students,

I have added a new page on Open Source software that you may find useful. As you would see from this list, we have Open source s/w alternative for most of our needs/applications.

If you have interest to work on Open source s/w projects, visit Google site

Dr Mehta




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