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I often get mails to inquire about some new  and fascinating areas to work on. There are plenty but require knowledge that is not covered at undergraduate level and hence I wonder if I should share about those or not. I guess there are some self-driven, knowledge seeking students (and faculty members) hence  no loss in igniting curiosity.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has seen tremendous progress in recent time. Experts are predicting proliferation of AI in day-to-day life in coming decades. There is fear that this may displace many jobs in IT  requiring manual skills, mostly at lower levels.

AI in computer vision is throwing up rich investigation area of object recognition in images. automated recognition has many useful applications – e.g. searching through vast photo library to find desired photos, in self-driven cars to recognize obstacles on the roads, security surveillance etc.

Areas of investigation are

  • identification of discrete objects in a photo /image
  • finding relationship between objects, e.g. for example, having identified football and boy in an image, answering question – is boy holding ball or throwing it
  • answering questions like what is in front of a computer in the image

We should marvel at the processing power of our brain. It can answers all such questions very quickly when glancing an image.

As per Neil Savage (Communications of ACM, Jan 2016), our present understanding in this area is comparable to very  early school level while we have to attain college level to answer above mentioned questions. So you can see, how rich is this area for investigation.





I have added some notes to help in development of this system.

Dr Mehta

I have added a page on one more Group Project – Repair Management System.

This is an area which students should be able to visualize easily and relate with an application widely seen in real life.

It can be easily developed using common software environment (MySQL/Oracle, C/C++/Python/VB), taught in most colleges.

Dr Mehta

Pl see

Over 1,40,000 visitors from more than 170 countries visited this site and benefited.

It is very gratifying and gives me  energy to work in coming years to make this site even more useful for college students looking for project ideas in CSE/IT.

CS/IT field is under constant change with new developments surfacing every day. That makes interesting for students.

Dr Mehta




There are many who ask my suggestion on some interesting project. Here is one.

Make a program(s) that enables text to be written in a circle like on a logo or medallion, and that text should be  editable. See an example below


circular logo

We can assume that there would be just about 7 words, in a circle in simple font style. We will be given diameters of inner and outer circles and within what angle all letters will appear.

We will type words in normal way, i.e. straight line.

Hint: Program should calculate modification of each font in radiating space and then superimpose within circular space. See, letters A and V  in example.

Possible modifications

  • allow selection of different types of fonts
  • allow or disallow appearance of circular lines

This software is useful for certificates, medals, logo printing.

Enjoy and share idea.

I am suggesting building of a simple system where you can use readily available software components or features in standard software. This is what happens many times. We do not craft system from scratch every time.

There is push for “Digital India”. Government is moving interaction on public services to internet. We see list of officials, their e-mail ids and phone numbers on website for public interaction. You would be surprised that if you send mail to these mail-ids most of those will bounce back.

So, why not create a small system that tells us which of the e-mail ids are invalid and send that list to head of the department. Hopefully, these will be set right and general public will get some benefit.

Watch out for my page on some contours of the solution.

Dr Mehta




I am getting many questions as posed above.

Project work is a very interesting phase of learning. You must select a topic of your interest, you know something about it and have enough technical background to execute it.

My web site talks about various areas that you can take a look and decide which one interests you. It covers both traditional and new technology topics. Web site also gives additional details of system requirement for you to start the work. Also mentioned are ideas for group projects in areas that may be quite familiar to you.

Do not forget to read web pages, regardless of topic you select, on
– making system ready for real life
– working in group, in case you form a group to work on the project.

Lastly, in many job interviews, freshers are asked about their project work – what did you work on?; why did you select that topic?; how did you execute it?; what was your role / contribution exactly?; what new things did you learn? and so on. Hence, take your project work seriously. Do not buy or copy solution if you want to work in IT field.

All the best,

Dr Mehta


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