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From: Dr NK Mehta


I had visited many colleges all over India, during 1990-2004,  for campus recruitment and was disappointed at the success ratio. Situation has not changed much since then.  I have seen frustration, many times  on the faces of the Project Leaders / Managers who are asked to manage fresh graduates as part of their team. The gap between industry requirements and academic input imparted to students does not seem to be decreasing for various reasons.

Information technology (IT) Industry looks primarily  for strong basic concepts, initiative, analytical thinking, ability to work in group, and good communication skills, in CSE /IT graduates from academic institutes. A good project work, an essential part of curriculum,  provides opportunity to develop and demonstrate the desired skills.  However, students because of improper and insufficient guidance end up taking projects that do not add  in their development. How to change it? This website is possibly one of the ways. I am trying to make my small contribution and in the process,  bridging gap between industry and academic.

This site Project Ideas for CSE / IT Students has been created to:

  • Provide ideas for projects of different types in areas that CSE / IT  students may be somewhat familiar with. The content should  help in better  understanding of requirements of computerized systems in those areas and thereby, help  in proper  design and development of  an IT application;
  • Help students visualize similarities in different computerized applications and understand  how various application modules fit in a larger application system;
  • Provide guidance for making projects close to “real life” systems and thereby generate awareness of scope and complexity of real-life  IT applications;
  • Suggest many useful enhancements thereby making a project suitable for group working and working at a senior college level;
  • Lastly, suggest topics for investigations which a student may like to pursue and demonstrate as his interest and initiative to influence decision for enrollment in MS / PhD programs.

Request to Students: Primary purpose of site is to help students and not “spoon feed” them. Hence no detail design and code has been  hosted. However,  I am happy to provide further explanation, Questions / doubts can also be sent as Post /Comments on this site or sent by an e-mail  to me.

Request to Teachers: Hopefully explanation given in these pages are sufficient to   guide  students in the detail design and refining logic of programs. This site should also help in citing examples in courses on File Organization / Data Structures, Programming, AI/expert System, Graphics and Systems Analysis & Design.

I am thankful to many readers for providing useful comments and suggestions. I  urge all readers to keep  sharing feedback for improvement; and also suggesting additional project ideas and  interesting extensions  for larger benefit of student community.

Dr N K Mehta, Bangalore, India


With TN CM, for signing of MoU for Offshore Center at Sirisiri Park, Chennai, 1999

With TN CM, for signing of MoU for Offshore Center at Sirisiri Park, Chennai, 1999


Author with Nehruji at Indore


27 Responses to "About"

Hello sir,
This attempt is really helpful to students who are undecided about projects initially. A website like this can be very handy in context of project selection and applications.

Dr. Kalyani Gchar
Professor – CSE

Dear Sir,

A great and wonderful service to the students community at various levels including researchers.
Thank you so much
Sr Professor – IT
VIT, Vellore


This is very good for a start.

Delivery Head – Insurance
A UK Group Company, Pune

Dear Mehta Sir,

The pros and benefits of this blog is a huge list. I really do not want to write them all. All I want to say is – This blog really is a gold for IT/ BE students. Because, the project ideas are close to how real world projects are developed.
On the other hand – please do include complete code of at least one or two projects. This will help average students.
Please let me know if I can contribute some thing to this blog.

Thank you for this value.
Prabhu K L
8th Semester
Computer Science & Engineering
AIeMS, Bangalore

Dear sir,

It’s very use full for us.
Thank You

This is a wonderful effort to bring in new ideas into student’s mind…
Deepali Tripathi
Associate Professor,

Off-course… Its Nice….

Dear sir,
This guide is very helpful for me.I am doing 8th sem final project. I am from CSE department (Panimalar Engineering college,Chennai) .The information is very useful to me.
Thank You sir

Doc Mehta,

Wonderful creation…

WiSTA student
(An engg. degree program organized by VIT for Wipro at Bangalore)

Hi Mehta

Very good information and it is very useful. Incredible creation..!!

Wista Student
(Nelson N)

It’s really helpful.

JeyaChitraDevi Chidhambaram
PhD student, Saveetha univ., Chennai

hi sir, i think this is very use full to IT students. it can b use 2 do some mini projects for students. thank u for offering it sir.

Hello sir,
This attempt is really helpful to students who are undecided about projects initially. A website like this can be very handy in context of project selection and applications.

its vry useful

it was worth it reading this

respected Sir,

Thank you very much. ….your ideas for very helpful to me…….

Thank you so much and let me add something here, i’m an graduate student and i have so much in trouble in my final semester to choice a project idea and work on it. i search and came here it is nice and really help full. Thanks for your effort.

Hello sir, i’m very interested to do projects..this is very useful for all cse/it students…one humble request to you are not charged to give the entire details about the project..but you please give the instruction how to implement and what are all the importance of the particular project topic..thank you sir.

Dear sir,

my brother is final year student in this year ( BCA) pl give the suggestion if any project.

mail id :

One of you should read the pages of web site. There are many ideas.
Dr Mehta

final year projects topics for information science and engineering

Hi Nandini,

Looks you have not made effort to read web pages of my site. It is full of ideas.

To be successful in IT/CSE/ISE, one needs to work hard, demonstrate initiatives, explore and experiment right from college days.

Hope you are serious about your career in IT/CSE.

All the best,

Dr Mehta

Hello sir in very new to Projects can u tell. Me how. To start

Hello Nishant
Project work is a very interesting phase of learning. You must select a topic of your interest, you know something about it and have enough technical background to execute it.

My web site talks about various areas that you can take a look and decide which one interests you. It covers both traditional and new technology topics. Web site also gives additional details of system requirement for you to start the work. Also mentioned are ideas for group projects in areas that may be quite familiar to you.

Do not forget to read web pages, regardless of topic you select, on
– making system ready for real life
– working in group, in case you form a group to work on the project.

All the best,

Dr Mehta

good blog.

Happy that you enjoyed it.

Dr Mehta

This blog is helpful to get knowledge about project for beginners.ty

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