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Hi students,

I have added a new page on Open Source software that you may find useful. As you would see from this list, we have Open source s/w alternative for most of our needs/applications.

If you have interest to work on Open source s/w projects, visit Google site

Dr Mehta



I have updated the page on Group Projects to share my thoughts on how members of a group should divide project work among themselves and what approach they should follow.

Suggest all those who are attempting working as a group project should read this page for effective learning.

ACM holds International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM-ICPC) every year. Results of 2013 contest are now available.

As happened last year, top 10 positions are dominated by Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Polish universities. Where is India in this list? Where are US universities?

Carnegie Mellon Univ -> 11 th

MIT / Stanford Univ -> 14th

IIT Roorkee -> 60th

IIT Bombay, Indore & IIIT Hyderabad -> find place in “honorable mention”

Happy to see four Indian institutions appearing in the list first time.

I have created a page on the site to provide background details of another project from the academic environment – an environment very familiar to college students and faculty.

This system  really benefits from web-based environment and is a good example of decision support system.  Those who enjoy algorithm  design have opportunity to create  a suitable  heuristic for planning phase.

I have made following changes / additions recently.

- Introduced a new page on ‘Technical Environment’ to provide some suggestion on selection of software  for projects.

- Added flags ♣♣ to indicating some challenging project ideas that may get you a surprise gift and recognition on this site.

Doc Mehta

Internshala is an online blog platform that lists summer internship. It may interest all those engineering students who are looking for organizations where they could do  summer project

Look under internship-> Engineering Internship

Surprisingly this project is quite similar to Group Project-3 as far as processing of attendance is concerned, if you view each teaching session as one internal assessment exam.  Feature required for capture of attendance data provides opportunity for investigation of different input alternatives.

Major difference with Group Project – 3 is in difficulty in capture of attendance data and its entry. Imagine load of entry of attendance data every day by a faculty for subjects taught by him /her.  Assessment marks are entered only 3-4 times in a semester and hence online entry for each student’s mark is not a big pain.  Question is how you make capture of attendance data easy and fast.  Let us look at some alternatives and each of these gives rise to a new variation of group project.

Alt 1: In simplest approach, manual attendance records may be sent to a data entry section where a data entry (DE) person can enter attendance data of each student. This is identical to entry of marks by a teacher except that it is entered by a relatively lower paid (DE) person. So entry screen developed in Group Project -3 for capture of marks is useful here as it is, with suitable change in field names.  And instead of marks, P (Present) or A(absent)  is entered.  Number of Ps gives attendance (Final Mark) in the subjects.

How can we really reduce entry effort?

Alt 2: It is similar to Alt 1 except that some effort can be made to reduce data entry effort by manual entry of only those present or absent depending on which number appears  less in a class for the particular session; and system asked to fill the balance by appropriate attendance value (P or A). How will you implement this logic?

Alt 3: ♣♣ This implementation requires use of some automated input devices e.g.

  1. If a class room is equipped with a biometric access device (e.g. finger print scanner) then every student when he/she walks in, can be asked to give thumb scan on the reader for recording attendance. This scan at a later time in the day can be compared with master record of thumb impressions of all students of a class to get attendance.  This is a fool proof method to capture presence of students in a class. How do you capture details of subject and faculty that taught the subject in that period for which attendance is captured? The days when scanner is not working will require capture of attendance by alternate methods (Alt 1 or 2).
  2. Optical character recognition is another possibility. A form can be used to submit attendance by a teacher as is done for giving answers in many competitive exams.
  3. Students are given ID cards in most colleges. This can be used to capture attendance provided suitable card (with bar code or some proximity feature as in RFID/magnetic strip/smart card) is used with a reader installed at the entrance of a class room.
  4. What else? Use mobile? Every student now- a-days carries a mobile. Can we use NFC feature of new mobiles?

Note:  Alt. (c) and (d) may capture erroneous attendance. Why?

This is an interesting and useful computer project for CSE / IT college students. Many useful enhancements have been suggested at the end as Project ideas. However, before reading further, it would be worth reading Gr Project 1 –  Develop a Computerized System for a Battery Dealer, for better understanding of this project idea.

Engineering colleges conduct internal exams (IA) generally three times in a semester for each subject. A faculty typically keeps records of marks of each internal exam in an Excel file.  On completion of third internal exam, final internal marks are calculated. Sometimes it is merely an average of the three internals. In most colleges it is taken as an average of the better two out of the three internal marks. Students would be delighted if final IA mark for a subject is taken as best of three internal exam marks.

The goal of this project is to create a system that will capture IA marks, calculate final marks   and print reports for display on notice board.  HoD and Principal also like to see these marks hence a multi user system that will allow each faculty to enter marks from her/his room and others to view should be of value to college.

Let me share some details of the desired system

Expected Users of The System

  • Faculty
  • Students
  • Principal and HoD

Functional Requirements of the system

  • Faculty:
  • Should be able to enter the marks of all students in his/her  subject
  • Should be able to modify the already entered marks
  • Should be able to view the marks of a particular student in all subjects of the semester
  • Would like system to calculate Final IA marks and also  list top marks scorers & students below average
  • Students
  • Students should be able to view their marks and marks of other students in their class.
  • Principal and HoD
  • Should be able to view the marks of all students in the institution : but should not be able alter any marks

Software Requirements Specification

As suggested in Gr. Project -1, requirements should be detailed first. It should be clear what all details will appear in each information output. Then identify inputs required.

  • The processing logic should also be identified. There should be clear understanding on how final IA marks will be calculated. Remember to handle cases like a student absent in one of the exam.
  • How would you like teacher to enter and modify marks – one student at a time or many students at a time?
  • What will you store as marks for students who do not appear in exam as against those who get zero in exam.
  • We can view system modules as following

i.      Master data – maintenance of student, faculty, course details

ii.      Marks entry – entry and modification of internal marks by each faculty

iii.      Reporting and inquiry – Marks reports for display on notice board, knowing marks of a particular student, his other marks, better students in a class etc.

iv.      ??

Database design and development

    • Attempt ER model to identify database tables. What will be DB structure to store marks of a subject? Also for defining teachers for a particular subject as only those who teach will enter marks of their subject; others should not.
    • Now identify programs to populate tables. Do not forget validation checks.
    • Identify programs / SQL scripts for query and reports
    • Do not forget to design a menu structure to link all programs and access as per entitlement.

Enhancements ♣♣

  1. Max marks may not be same in each internal exam. A teacher may set paper for 20 marks in first internal exam but may set next two exams with max marks as 50. Understand how final IA marks are calculated in such cases.
  2. Different calculation procedure for arriving at final IA marks. It may be a simple average of the marks of three internal exams. Even number of internal exams may vary from time to time. Sometimes teachers add grace marks to average and derive final IA marks. How these flexibilities can be provided?
  3. A student may have temporary Id till university issues Enrollment / Regn. number.  System should keep record of both.
  4. If a faculty resigns or falls sick then some authorized faculty should be able to perform his / her actions.
  5. If your college desires to use this application then we need to provide for the additional functionalities, e.g.
    • Backup and restoration of application data
    • User registration and access control – allow access to only those who should have access
    • Ensure that no one is able to modify marks after final IA marks have been decided.
    • Only eligible students should be considered. Those who have not paid fee, dropped out / rusticated should not appear in final IA list.
    • Parents may like to look at marks over internet.  Provide for web-hosting of marks.

DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology has announced a fellowship scheme that can get Rs 10,000/-  for project work undertaken as part of BE / MBA studies by a student.

Pl see more details on CDC site (

Project -Develop a Computerized System for School Bus Operations

Note: Advisable to read Gr Project 1 –  Develop a Computerized System for a Battery Dealer

 for understanding of related technical terms and stages.

Introduction: Many colleges and schools use buses to pickup and drop their students. We can think of an application that is mobile and a computer based for managing operations.

System Scope: Let us define it as

System will have functionality for the following:

  1. Students pickup and drop
  2. Assignment of Student to  Bus Route
  3. Bus Planning – which all buses to run on a route
  4. Support to Bus Controller for managing operations of bus

System will cover

  1. Dealing with students of only one educational institute,
  2.  A fixed number of buses that a school has and known in advance.

System will have following technical feature

  1.  SMS messaging to students and parents
  2. Will use GPRS to inform bus location to Bus Controller (BC)

Explanation: A Bus Controller is someone from school side responsible for day-to-day operations of bus services.

Step 1 – Define user requirement

Let us group user requirements as per functionalities. This helps in identification also.

  1. a.       Students pickup and drop

-          Students should get a sms 10 minutes before the arrival of bus at their pick-up point

-          Parents should get to know when bus has reached the school

-          Similarly, parents should get to know when a bus with his ward leaves the school

-          Also, parents should come to know 10 minutes in advance of bus arrival at drop point so that they can reach for pickup, if required.

-          Students and their parents should be able to indicate mobile number to Bus controller on which they would like to receive the message.

  1. b.      Assignment of Student to  Bus Route / Bus Planning

-          Bus Controller should be able to find number of students in different areas for pickup & drop for assigning buses on a route

-          During the session, if a student changes his / her residence, new address should be considered for bus assignment

-          If a bus breaks down, he should get help in revising the schedule and allocation of bus

  1. c.       Support to Bus Controller (BC) for managing operations of bus

-          BC should get status of every bus as it moves from one major point to another on its route

-          BC should be able to keep record of each student that will make use of bus facility. This will also keep record of his pickup and drop point.

-          BC should also be able to keep record of different buses school has and their seating capacities.

-          BC should be able to keep record of different routes.

-          BC should be able to define which bus (buses) will run on a specific route.

Step 2 – onwards: work out as in case of Gr Project 1.


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